Professional Probate Genealogy

We are experienced in researching partial or complete family trees to locate rightful heirs. We have taken instructions in cases where deceased passed intestate, the will is lost or disputed and in cases where the heir is untraced, or deceased themselves, in which case we establish their partner, issue or next of kin and rightful heir to their share of the estate.

We have a range of funding options to suit most circumstances.



Our highly popular Triage service is a great starting point and aims to provide you with enough information to make a fully informed choice as to how to proceed.

Upon receipt of your instructions, we will run a conflict check, review all documentation, set up a file and conduct our Stage 1 investigations.  

Our report will provide you with a precis of the issues and our investigations to date and an estimate of our prospects f success and the cost of proceeding to a full investigation and report.

You will then be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

 The cost is £80.00 and we are not VAT registered.  Payment terms are 14-days from invoice date.  If you provide us with instructions to proceed with a complete investigation within 28-days of the invoice date, then we will deduct the cost of the triage from the final account.


Whether you choose to utilise our Triage service or not, we are able in many cases to offer fixed or capped fees * dependant on your budget and needs.

We usually have a minimum instruction fee of £415.00 ( No VAT). 

Depending on the complexity of the case and the instructions we can often successfully complete our investigations for the cost of the basic instruction fee, however any extra work required would be agreed in advance and billed at £25.00 per hour.

You can choose to cap the fee at whatever amount you choose, however upon exhausting the inclusive hours we will provide an interim report and present you with the invoice.

There is no guarantee of success, but utilising highly trained and experienced researchers and professional web based applications, we offer the best chance of being successful. 

The base fee would usually be sufficient for the most straightforward of cases, but we would work with you to discuss the best funding option for you.

* plus reasonable disbursements.



We recommend that you utilise our Triage service (see above) prior to agreeing a percentage of the estate.

We will consider each application on its merits and would require a copy of the will along with any other details that could assist including utility bills and property deeds as well as your agreement that we are the sole agency instructed to act in this capacity.

There would be no upfront cost at all, but upon success we would earn an agreed percentage of the estate.

The percentage varies but would usually be between 15-20% of the value of the estate to reflect our risk, however we would provide a quotation upon completion of our triage report and generally the larger the estate, the smaller percentage we would take.

This is an ideal low-risk option as monies are only payable upon a successful outcome being achieved.

Our name says it all.

Contact us to take advantage of our Highly popular Triage service or to discuss your individual requirements.

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