We offer Family Tree research services, which are very popular with private individuals and Local Authorities alike.

Take the legwork out of researching your ancestry and contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a tailor made quotation.

Our Family tree packages start at £140.00 (No VAT), for which we will research either your maternal or Paternal Ancestors as far back 1851.

If you would like both family names fully researched, then we will research both of your parents family names and provide complete family trees for £260.00 (no VAT).

We can research further back into your family history, however information becomes less reliable pre-1851 and usually more research is required.

Upon finalising our research we will provide you with an electronic Version of your family tree and a report.

We also have the facility to print the Family trees too.

We are often approached with more simple requests such as validating existing or partial family trees, confirming that a relevant person is indeed a relative, or even obtaining copies of Probated Wills, Birth, Marriage or Death certificates, which we will gladly obtain. 

Whatever your query, we can assist, so take the first step today of unlocking your family's past and either email or completing our Contact Us Form.